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***This post is sponsored by Apprarelogy***

Applying scientific logic to clean your precious clothes/garments/dress, Apparelogy ensures your clothes are spotless, brighter and germ-free. With pick-up and delivery added to their services, you don’t even have to worry about getting to your neighbourhood dry-cleaner uncle before the shop closes any more. Sparkle much?

Apparelogy offers you pristine sartorial hygiene with a variety of services, including whitening, colour brightening, starching, alteration and mending. And we know how tough it is to care for leather, which is why we’re saying a silent and heartfelt thank you to Apparelogy’s specialized leather care unit.

Fashionistas, overworked pantsuit-ers, clumsy foodies -- whoever you may be, just hit SOS to have your clothes cleaned, ironed and ready for your big day in office, or that fancy night out: the SOS is a six-hour express service that picks and delivers across South Delhi and Gurgaon. You’ll never have to worry about looking wrinkled again.

Getting there: Log on to for price details and to avail offers.

***This post is sponsored by Apprarelogy***

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