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Here's the most important booty call you'll make in Gurgaon this week: it's an SOS for help when you need a contraceptive, lube, a pregnancy test or an i-Pill. Text or call new service SMS Contraceptive with your woes. A friendly runner will show up at your doorstep in 30 minutes with a  kit that contains just what you need. 

A pilot project launched today and currently operational only in Gurgaon, this runner app is the brainchild of 18-year-old Sirhaan Seth, a national-level cyclist who's also working on two cool sports ventures (more on that later). He's set up services in his hometown for people who're too awkward or too lazy for a trip to the chemist, and "whose need is time-bound." They're currently sending around Durex products on orders. Sirhaan says there are no brand tie-ups involved, however, so if you absolutely must use another brand, let him know and he'll work on making it happen. 

Capital-bound lovers, we'll have an update on the service when it arrives with the onset of blanket weather in three weeks' time. Meanwhile, if you feel a sudden urge to expand your private life to Gurgaon, slip this number into your pocket. 

Getting there:; call, text or WhatsApp 8376060577 or Snapchat to capinasnap to order. An instant pregnancy test costs Rs 100, a 'Safe Bet' kit (3 condoms, 1 lubricant, 1 i-Pill) Rs 750.

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