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Still suffering from a Grammy hangover, we’ll start with a musical reference: we made a greatest hits list, a compilation of our favorite restaurants and bars in the city. And we want you to like what we like, hence sweet culinary loyalty program from bpb, known as the Coup Card.

For those of you who haven’t heard of us before, having the nifty-looking Coup Card in your wallet or your smart phone will get you 15% off all your meals (food and alcohol) at Delhi’s 20 best restaurants and bars including Mamagoto, Elma’s, b Bar, Smoke House Deli (HKV), Shiro, The Hungry Monkey, Fio; plus 7.5% off your bill at Godrej Nature’s Basket. See the entire list here.

The card is priced at Rs 2,100 for six months - seriously! – which works out to only Rs 350 a month. As an early bird, you can start using this on February 15, 2014. During the valid period, the card can be used an unlimited number of times. We’re only selling 1,000 cards, so buy yours now! Current Coup Card users, your card is going to expire next month, so please renew it ASAP - we are only selling a limited number of cards.

Mamagoto, Elma’s, b Bar, Smoke House Deli (HKV), Shiro, The Hungry Monkey, Fio are just some of the super restaurants on the Coup Card! 

Here are some of the bells and whistles on the new card: we’ve added hot new restaurants and a super discovery program that gets members exclusive access to openings, bar nights and other events, plus deals with our favorite brands (10% off at Pernia’s Pop Up Shop!); you can use your Delhi card at our Mumbai partner restaurants for no cost; you can order up to four separate cards for your immediate family members; and you can sign up for a year, saving yourself the hassle and an extra 10% off on the price of the card (Rs 3,800 for a year).

Like in our last round, we have designed the cost of the Coup (Rs 350 a month) so that it can, at most restaurants, be recovered by the discount on a single meal. The relatively inexpensive places on our list, like Suzette, we figure people will visit more often. A lot of people have said to us – “But I don’t go to half these places,” or “I don’t drink alcohol.” We anticipated that (well, not the alcohol part- who are you?!) and built it into the cost of the Coup.

We would love for you join us. We’re a bit off key sometimes, but we do know how to sing for our suppers.

Getting there: Buy at or call 7738934888; Rs 2,100 for six months and Rs 3,800 for a year.

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