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We’ve got the scoop on The Hillcart Tales’ new Diwali gift boxes, and here’s the tea-ser: that has been in the business for over 120 years, has put together gorgeous cases filled with teas and tisanes that evoke memories of eating tiramisu in Rome and that Darjeeling tea estate Airbnb you stayed at. Shop on, The Hillcart Tales' will sell individual boxes, but will also process corporate and bulk orders, even if the whole crate is just for you.

Want more than the tea-ser? Read on for the full picture:

The Connoisseur’s Collection For Your Friends In High Places

Decked out in black and gold, the super fancy Connoisseur’s Collection tea box (1 box assorted black teas, 1 box assorted green teas and 1 box of chamomile teabags) is a great indication of what lies beneath – an Ebony Mélange of Mystical Assam, Darjeeling Muscatel, English Breakfast, Imperial Earl Grey, Dark Limon, Rwandan Select, Mango Dolce, to name a few. We picture you sipping one of these on a smooth leather English wingback chair, in a study brimming with books with golden spine.


The Artisanes Collection For Dessert Lovers

All the magic of dessert and (almost) none of the calories – take a peek inside the floral Artisanes box, beautifully arranged with dessert tisanes of Tiramisu Delight, Apple Strudel, Caramel Dream and Lemon Cake teabags. True to the artisans’ #MadeByHand revolution, this box is great for those who appreciate craft, and works super well for Diwali sweet tooths also watching their waists.


The Utopian Treasures Collection For Those On The Go

A sky blue box holds the pick of a master blender’s teas, sourced from around the world. A sweet-zesty Honey Limón green tea shares space with the relaxing Celestial Chamomile tea, and the sunset yellow hued Darjeeling black tea. The teas are recommended for different times in the day, and so is great for your workaholic friends or your boss who lives out of a suitcase. Bonus: the teabags are eco-friendly, made of muslin cloth and are encased in origami folded paper pods, which can be used as coasters!


The Eclectic Blends Box For Friends With An Eye For Detail

This is for friends who care about not just the gift, but also the thought, wrapping paper, tag and message that goes with it. The experts at The Hillcart Tales tell us that this is “for those who want to do things just right; lovers of fine details”. This collection has the most luxurious, expensive teas – Silver Linings White Tea Caddy and Oriental Oolong Caddy – and the right kind of infuser and spoon to prepare the tea like you are supposed to.


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