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It’s time to let the baos out at the capital’s favourite Asian Gastrobar. The Fatty Bao’s new gastronomical festival celebrates its eponymous dish in all its stuffed glory, and you're invited for a filling meal. 

Offerings include an incredible variety of soft pillowy white baos, each filled with a fusion of flavours dressed in unique ways. You have just under three weeks to taste them all, so start timing yourself. Apart from all your old favourites, you must stop to say hello to an all-new line of baos, including the Bao Wow Hot Dog. Of impeccable pedigree! This cool new variation features a house-made chicken sausage, with chilli and lemongrass, served with mustard barbecue mayo and sweet potato floss. 

For another bao variation, dance with the Sliders featuring a crispy beet patty dressed with yuzu, pickled fennel and scallions. Grilled prawn cake baos on the other hand offer a saucy touch of chilli oysters, bell peppers and roasted fujiko.

The BaoWow magic will enchant even stout vegetarian hearts with cheesy kimchi potato and spicy tofu + fried eggplant baos, while the familiar goodness of char siu bao finds competition from hearty lamb steak baos and something the kitchen is mischievously calling the bang bang chicken bao (marinated chicken with crushed peanuts, celery, red chili pickle and toasted sesame). Get them all!

Wrap up that bao’untiful meal with the sweet bao -- surprise! For the last course, a fried bao meets matcha ice-cream with pistachio and strawberries. Not a dessert person? Get the K-pops, Fatty Sours and Mickey Ninjas to keep you company. Head on over to The Fatty Bao between March 16 and April 2nd to bao wowed. 

Getting there: 2nd Floor, Sangam Courtyard, R K Puram, in Delhi, call 01133105180, the festival is on until March 31. A meal for two with alcohol costs approximately Rs 2400 plus taxes. 

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