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What if we told you that Japan and all its gastronomical delights, are just one quick phone call or click away? Say hello to, our favourite NCR’s delivery service, a kitchen that uses the freshest, top quality ingredients to prepare your sushi,which is delivered all day, until 1 am!

Also browse the other gorgeous vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi platters – salmon and tuna maki rolls; California and chicken teriyaki versions;crunchy spicy crab and avocado rolls; elegant Nigiri made with yellow fin tuna, salmon and Hamachi; and sashimi. Each of these is nutritious and attractive, just the kind of Instagrammable desk lunch that offices demand these days.

Poke (Bowl) Me

The more adventurous should explore Sushi Haus’ radical poke bowls, built with water chestnuts and truffle mushrooms, salmon and crunchy wasabi shrimp. Packed with veggies, seeds, mixed leaves and chilled miso dressing, these make for delicious one-bowl meals that are fun, wholesome and non-messy anytime meals.

Next, focus your dietician’s attention to the Japanese pizza, a healthy spin on its Italian cousin. Its base is audibly crunchy, cheese free and packed with flavours. We love the versions that are topped with mushroom and truffle oil or salmon/tuna and avocado. Poisson pie, anyone?

All New: Sushi Burritos! 

And don’t leave without considering Sushi Haus’ newest offering: the marriage of your two favourite things – sushi and burritos. Sushi burritos are fat parcels of awesomeness stuffed with nori and avocado and crabsticks. There’s a Fiery Avocado version that we know vegetarians will love; while meat eaters among us, have our eyes and taste buds set on the Salmon Samba, that tightly packs within it salmon, spicy mayo, furikake chips, spring onions and nori. Other burritos on the menu include Spicy Karaage Chicken, Ninja Crab and Smoky Teriyaaki Tofu.

The sushi burritos are great to serve at house parties – sure beats the humdrum of a chicken tikka roll – eat at your office desk, and on the go between home and gym, gym and meeting. We knew you would roll with it.

Getting there: Visit for further details, Whatsapp your order at 9810043556 or call 95555400100. Sushi Haus DLF Phase 1  Sushi Haus, East of Kailash, Gurugram, New Delhi. Call 9555400100/9810043556.

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