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Delhi, here are your Capital gains for the end of the year: a series of pop up dinners across the city, featuring some of the most celebrated dishes from your favourite restaurants. Here's the fun part: the dishes are paired with Signature Cocktails made using Black and White 12-Year-Old Scotch in this culinary series brought to us by Food Talk India.

Next of Nap-kin: What to Expect At The Delhi Dinners

Each dinner offers a special 5-course bounty: shared and plated courses paired with Signature Cocktails. These Platter meals are specially curated for one night only, and are available at a great price too!

All you have to do is get on Insider, choose your restaurant of choice and book your seat. The Platter Delhi dinners will be laid out at Lavaash by Saby (Nov 17), Together (Nov 20), Plate (Nov 27), Delhi Club House (Dec 4).

Our combined dish wish list spanning across restaurants: The Lavaash Pide (traditional Georgian bread boat filled with runny egg and topped with bacon and cheese), Jewish Pilau and Iranian Lamb Koobideh from Lavaash by Saby; and Brussel Sprouts, Baby Potato, Fermented Tomato, and Crab Painda from Together.

High five!

Getting there: Book your slot on, visit, Rs 2000 all inclusive, follow them on Instagram, Facebook.

*This post is sponsored by Food Talk*

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