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Only good things can happen when you’re lounging by the azure pool of the Andaz Delhi. You could for instance, meet an interesting someone who invites you for a gin cocktail. You could be cooling your heels before a luxurious spa treatment. And in the most ordinary scenario, you could be preparing for a dip in their cool blue pool.

What makes the Andaz Delhi experience so entirely unique is the way in which the hotel taps into its surrounding local culture to deliver a distinctively native, vibrant and immersive stay – a truly multi-sensory experience. If you live in the Capital, book yourself a staycation; and if you live outside the city, this is the place to live when you’re visiting Delhi. Follow our Andaz trail below, to make sure you don’t miss out on any treats!

First, Check In & Marvel At The Art

A door with a mango leaf carving will lead you to your room, where you can marvel at the contemporary design infused with Indian elements. We’re told that this is a collaboration between architect Bauer Latoza Studio from Chicago, interior designers Virgile and Partners from London and celebrated art curator, Rajeev Sethi. The rooms are fitted with lovely pieces of art, each inspired by the hotel’s very own book “401 Reasons to Fall In Love with Delhi”.

Next, Brekkie

Head down for a languid breakfast at AnnaMaya. Europe meets India at AnnaMaya, where the geometric tiled floor will remind you of a food hall in Portugal, while the hand painted glass windows will take you back to Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. Enjoy a range of freshly squeezed juices, artisan coffee, millet muffins, or multi-grain dosa. Here, breakfast favourites are reimagined in unexpected ways.

Followed by Spa Rituals

The plush Andaz Spa takes a delightful apothecary approach guided by your Chakra energies and desires. We love that the products used are handcrafted at something they call the “Apothecary Blending Bar”, a wellness kitchen that combines seasonal fresh fruits, herbs, minerals, and essential oils.

Then Slip Out For A Specially Curated Andaz Delhi Tour

This for us, is what makes Andaz special, ensuring that guests are engaged and interested not just inside the hotel but outside too. You can and you should sign up for one of the hotel’s curated tours led by a “Delhi hero”:Kushti experience with coach Maha Singh Rao at Hanuman Kushti Akhara; Parkour Art with Mujahid Habib;  Lodhi Gardens with Chief Gardener Rotash; Calligraphy with - Qamar Dagar; Mehandi motifs with cultural insiders Rani and Pratishtha Singh;  the scent experience through the eyes of Mukul Gundhi, the man running one of the oldest perfume shops in Delhi.

Return Just In Time For Cocktail Hour

Get off the curb and hit the herb at The Juniper Bar where it’s always gin o’clock. Here botanicals, herbs, tinctures and elixirs come together to create cocktails that will take your breath away. We recommend Alchemy; a fusion of orange blossom gin, lemon and elderflower.

Next, Dinner & More Drinks!

Get a table and order from the artisanal food menu at AnnaMaya; we love the freshly cut aloe vera; grilled fish in platian leaves; and burrata served with tandoori tomatoes. Or hit The Hong Kong Club, a multi-level restaurant, club and lounge that keeps within it a caged red crystal tree, a harvest moon and faux cherry trees. Chit chat over marble-boiled duck eggs and Chinese Zodiac inspired cocktails; our favourite drink to end tonight is Sun Wukong, named for the mischievous hero of Journey to the West, which is more business, less monkey: a wonderfully restrained banana liqueur concoction, with coconut scotch, five spice, yuzu, bitters and a burning cinnamon stick that wafts spicy smoke into the nose with each sip.

Wild horses couldn’t drag us away from a second round, although that cloud soft bed waiting upstairs for us, is quite tempting.

Getting there: Andaz Delhi, Asset, Street Number 1, Aerocity, New Delhi, call +91 1149031234, visit the website and book your stay here.

*This post is sponsored by Hyatt Andaz Delhi*

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