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Of all the bars in all the towns, in all the world, you should walk into this one. Why? Because it’s a Poke Bar, India’s first, and has the freshest Andaman tuna ever!

Add Guppy, the multi-award winning restaurant to your 2018 eat list – we know you have one – where the Poke Bar is the perfect bait to dine out and stick to your eat-well plan.

How does the The Poke (pronounced po-kay) Bar work? It’s super simple. The bar features chunks of raw, marinated fish, veggies, rice and umami-rich sauces that are tossed together to create DIY poke bowls. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Choose your protein from a wide range of ingredients, which include salmon, Andaman tuna, kani, tsukiji tuna, shrimp, tofu.

Step 2 - Choose your base grains from among white rice, black rice, barley, quinoa and millet.  

Step 3 – Add super powers with super foods like kale, edamame, spinach, seaweed and more.

Step 4 – Crown it with crunch via tempura fritters, prawn crackers, wasabi peanuts, root chips and other delicious options.

Step 5 – By now you’re almost done! Drizzle the bowl with fresh dressings that include ponzu, garlic shoyu, miso. Et voila!

Too lazy to make your own bowl? Choose from Guppy’s signature ready ones, the perfect way to eat light and fresh in 2018!

Ramen bowls are delightful, and Guppy’s favourite small plates complete The Poke Bar menu.

Happy New Year, indeed.

Getting there: Guppy, 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi, call 011 2469 0005 for reservations.

***This post is sponsored by Guppy**

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