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***This post is sponsored by Meatigo***

Meat & seafood delivery service, brings with it choice selections of every meat your heart could desire (that’s legal to eat in this town).

If you’ve resolved to eat fresh this year, look no further: Meatigo’s clean-cut(s) team of serious meat connoisseurs have brought together every kind of meat delicacy you might want under one (digital) roof. No pork-barrel politics here, just pork (with bacon, cold cuts, sausages and more), selected from the best English breeds. There’s also farm fresh chicken, international seafood, mutton cuts, kebabs, sushi-grade salmon, pepperoni, meatballs, turkey and more. All of which is vacuum packed and delivered chilled, so customers get the best quality, taste and hygiene. Pssst... We also heard they are coming with a new range of Japanese delicacies, Chicken Momos (yum!), Bacon Jam and more!

Both Meatigo and Prasuma, with which they have an exclusive partnership, want you to know that they care deeply about ensuring you’ll get only the healthiest selection of meats, and double-check on every step of the process, from picking the best cuts to ensuring that it’s packed to arrive at your doorstep bursting with taste and tenderness. “We personally check, taste and finally source our selections from the best of farms and trusted partners and we’re confident that our meat is delicious,” says Meatigo founder Siddhant. “We ensure our partners use the best packaging to preserve the freshness, and constantly ensure the product reaches our customers at the right time and at the right temperatures. So there’s no compromise on quality and safety." Plus, they have instant & free home delivery across Mumbai, so your meaty delights arrives right at time for tonight’s dinner! Meat cute!

Getting there: Order from, and keep an eye out for the new launches on their Facebook page here.

***This post is sponsored by Meatigo***

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