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Treat your pantry like your lover and pamper it well – it’ll take you further anyway.

La Fête, a high-end catering business specialising in Modern European cuisine, has been in the business of catering fancy-pants dinners for a while, but the latest addition to their business is a monthly parcel of love and kitchen goodies to “make your pantry staples pop,” delivered to you – or the one you fancy – early in the month, and ideally, every month on.

The strong box, a kind of Yves Klein Blue, begs to be unwrapped from the moment it arrives. Although many readers (look, we know our audience) may leave their staff to take care of deliveries, unless they’re opposed to fun and surprise, we recommend they step in. The moment of unwrapping the waxy paper is a sliver of joy which spreads itself a little more, day after day, never veering thin; a kind of half smile from your fridge every time you open it.

There is a formula to each box, you may notice, that carefully titillates the savoury and the sweet. Our month was punctuated by a rich Earl Grey jam, a hearty peanut butter, a box of charged energy bites, the best sesame almond cookies in the city, a slim bottle of hot sauce, and our favorite – an airplane size jar of jam, filled with addictive balsamic salts.

Alisha Mehra, one of La Fête’s two founders and a Cordon Bleu chef – says the thing that really gets her goat is when people don’t use the stuff. If that’s her pet peeve, we’re her babies: we used everything to the last drop, measuring our lives in controlled portions, quantifying good times with spoons. Our best days were surely reserved for hot sauce dashes, and each love interest got exactly one miso-glazed cookie. Our Mondays though– the days we need most pampering – were always, always taken with a pinch of salt.

As we sealed May, and carried over to June, we felt big love for our La Fête boxes, and applaud the idea of the service. It’s a bit pricey for a regular indulgence, but it is a very cool present for a pantry-happy friend, or anyone who knows that joy is best when spread over days and days.

Getting there: Write to to subscribe and learn more from their Instagram. Rs 1,900 for a single box; the longer you subscribe, the cheaper it gets. PS. If you’ve got dietary restrictions, the chefs are happy to customise your box.

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