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Leasing a chamber in Guppy by Ai’s heart is Tokyo Mon Amour, a new pop-up restaurant born from when Japan and France committed a minor indiscretion. Will they go steady soon? Read on to find out. 

Cheery Blossoms

Backed by restaurateur AD Singh and Le Bistro du Parc’s Naina de Bois-Juzan, Tokyo Mon Amour is dotted with shared tables, wrought-iron seating and best of all, a bar in the waiting room. Tonight, here is where our drinking begins with Amortini, a gin cocktail festooned with rosemary sprigs and a dash of green apple, more woody than sweet. Sadly, our Ichigo Punch is so full of soda and sugar, it takes us big gulps to find even a hint of sparkling wine. Namachozo sake, chilled and recommended by the sommelier, is a punch in the gut; but a wasabi mimosa is too sweet and sadly lacking a pungent kick.

Anime Of The State 

Thankfully, the kitchen saves the day, and overall Franco-Japanese relations. Headlining our meal is salmon tartare, a gorgeous heap of lemon-drizzled salmon on precision-cut cucumber slices with hidden hunks of avocado and just enough roe to add tempura-like crunch to balance all that creaminess. Pot-sticker mushroom gyozas are centered on a pool of soy sauce and cream sauce embankments. Light, fresh and rich in flavour, the asparagus-to-mushroom ratio is the only thing amiss here. 

Tokyo is fresh out of calamari, so we choose bacon wrapped chicken sausages: soy glazed to perfection, the outer strips of bacon make the chewy sausages they encase more palatable. Pretty on the plate and palate are black sushi rolls with avocado, where each bite yields opposite flavours of cheese, soy and crunch. 

In lieu of dessert and on insistence of our server, we end our meal with kare bread, which though pan-fried to adequate crunch, hides an over-salted, indistinguishable mush inside.

Readers, when you visit Tokyo Mon Amour, remember to stick to old flames at the bar and find new loves in the kitchen. We’re already writing a Valentine’s Day card to those black sushi rolls.

Getting there: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, housed inside Guppy by Ai. The pop-up runs every week from Wednesday to Sunday, 7 pm - midnight. Rs. 5,200 for dinner and drinks above.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.  

This story was contributed by Kakul Gautam, who blogs at

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