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The Bowl Factory is exactly how you would imagine an industrialised nation (or in this case, ration) to be: furrowed with steel pipes, featuring black ceiling chutes and packed inside unfinished walls, this new restaurant offers zero surprises, and late on a Sunday evening when all we're looking for is uncomplicated comfort, this is a good thing. 

Blue (Cheese) Print

In the spirit of automation, we start right away, efficiently working our way through chicken skewers enlivened with lemongrass, and prawn dim sum accompanied by sweet ginger and black bean dips that are good enough to eat by the jar. 
We find ourselves stuck with a surplus stock of Thai curry, its huge portion made even heftier by fluffy jasmine rice. Not that we're complaining: the curry is rich and swimming with vegetables, enough to gladden the heart of the most health-conscious mum. We load up because we know the heavy-lifting portion of our evening is coming up: we're about to make our first DIY bowl.

The curry is rich and swimming with vegetables, enough to gladden the heart of the most health-conscious mum. 

The Nuts & Bowls
The development of Bowl Factory's core product is divided into four stages, during which diners choose between noodles and rice, as well as proteins, sauces, garnish and vegetables. We note with approval the freshness of asparagus, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and cilantro, and manage to put together a meal that is yummy and also virtuous - dear reader, that almost never happens! 
Pleased as punch and also hankering for some (they currently only serve Coke, Diet Coke and water) we smile widely at our helpful waiter and walk out with the knowledge that tomorrow, we won't need to visit the gym - our quota of machines is done for now.
Getting there: Galleria Market, first floor, call 011 33105797, a meal for two with doggy bags for two costs approximately Rs 1,400.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

This story was contributed by Urvashi Bahuguna, a writer based in New Delhi.

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