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There is something about Mood, a new, hip take-out service in Vasant Vihar, that makes you want to call a girlfriend over, make a cold cucumber noodle salad, and get a pedicure with your order. Of course there is a heightened degree of irrationality to these connections, but when you indulge in the estrogen-loaded love letters embodied by Mood’s momos – the delivery service’s golden pillar– images of OPI greys, glossy-messy hair buns and comfy sweatpants will come at you; the words flashing through your head as you scroll through their Insta feed will be ‘easy breezy cover, girl.’

We’ve been hearing good things for a while – not coincidentally from our cool friends who can thread eyebrows and pop champagne with equal gusto. It’s these kinds of ladies that seem to be behind the establishment, too: the mother –daughter duo appear in their Instagram feed as both happy and responsible, champagne drinkers and sharp business ladies. We like them from the get-go, an impression that is cemented as we communicate with Nicole (the daughter) via Insta message. Recently, no one has made a conversation about the GST amount on a bill half-pleasant or wished us a gorgeous day and seemed to really mean it.

Mood is pick-up only, but easy to find, thanks to Nicole’s spot-on directions. The gentlemen who very sweetly picks up our order reports out of his own will that the ladies are very nice to deal with. Soon, four brown paper bags arrive at our doorstep: they hit the fine spot of being both simply and lovingly packaged. Each bag is stamped with the brand’s logo, along with a handwritten Post It note thanking us for our patronage. Cold towelettes sealed with a Mood sticker are also thrown in– a presumably maternal forethought that looks out for anyone who may be ordering away from the home or office. ‘You could eat these in a park,’ the gently scented wet wipes suggest.

A waft of deliciousness is set through our home as we unwrap the boxes, each carrying nine love-letter dumplings. We make room on our table, arranging the dumplings so that the topknots point uniformly to the ceiling, with picante red sauce becoming a comma between the doughy bursts of yumminess. We find Aloo Ka Achaar (a small bowl in quantity) and a box of sweet Khapse sent along with the dumplings, making the order not just a bunch of momos but a full meal, spread across a map of taste buds.

The momos are delicate and hearty. While we claim no authority in the dumpling discourse, we can appreciate the careful labour that has gone into the perfect seals, the generous but not overbearing quantities of veggie and chicken in each fold, and the freshness of taste. The veggie momos are a particularly elegant mix of shredded cabbage and carrot – unassuming on their own, they are likely to bring out a good thread of gossip over a friends-like-fam dinner when thrown together with the deep red sauce. We also enjoy the soulful potatoes more than expected; they are easy, creamy, and like any other product here, reminiscent of a good mother’s touch. Khapse too, has a faintly nostalgic vibe; crispy and designed to look like an elaborate feather, there is something lightly luxurious and un-modern about these sweet after-dinner treats.   

With the overall feeling of clean eating and care that is delivered by the ladies at Mood, we’re likely to order again. However, the thing that would really seal our dumpling hearts would be a much more eco-friendly solution to packaging (tiffins, maybe?), loyalty points, and eventually, a delivery guy. He can pick up some glossy magazines on the way too – just a suggestion.

Getting there: Order via Instagram @moodindelhi or by emailing, Rs. 2,700 for four plates, inclusive of taxes.

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Photo Credit: Book Mundi

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