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Much to our disappointment, Lash Out – Def Col market’s latest addition – is not a place to get the perfect extensions. Instead, it’s Number 31 reincarnated: the place that used to advertise itself as an expert in the very disparate offerings of sushi and eggs.
Lash Out is probably life 32 or more of this skinny restaurant, shaped like a sliver of a tennis court. Only unfortunately, while the passion pumps on, the establishment falls short of satisfying us, thanks to basics that have still not been attended to: a simple spell-check of the menu, for instance.
Typo infused drinks such as Jalapino cocktails have carried through from the past life like relentless ghosts. However, this time, the callous copy is negated by our server who provides excellent service: he’s friendly, warm, non-intrusive and satisfies us with rounds of King’s beer, a cold beverage that aligns perfectly with our chat about the best dates for Goa this year.

Despite lethal pollution warnings, we make our way upstairs – a move that makes sense given the promise of re-incarnation all round. 

Lash Out’s strange architecture – made up of three skinny floors and a winding staircase leading to a terrace – is a design challenge that visitors can feel at every step. Making our way up, we notice the team’s effort to once again redo the place: their makeover rests upon implanting indoor wall installations that seem like they’d be perfect for a garden terrace. To the management’s credit however, the round wooden chairs are comfortable, enclosing each small table in a bubble of its own.
Despite lethal pollution warnings, we make our way upstairs – a move that makes sense given the promise of re-incarnation all round. The terrace – which we quite enjoyed at sunny number 31 - is slightly changed, but not for the better: red and blue lights against a water fountain that would only be half acceptable on the fourth of July in Minnesota have been added to the confusion.
We lounge around in a cloak of smog, as our order comes out without delay. Chicken dumpling soup with a cheese straw is warm, strong on oregano, and just comforting enough to negate the nip in the air. Lentil salad is much more quinoa and less lentil, with a textbook sprinkling of pomegranate and a few dots of goats cheese. We treat it like an anecdote to our main course: a super spicy, very Indianized chicken ravioli in a static tomato sauce. While its not what we expect, we have no problems finishing this dish – and the rest of the meal – which seems to be perfectly attuned to the booming live band that has begun filling the void downstairs. From a safe distance we listen to the all male voices lash out a whole rash of wrist-slitting romantic Hindi numbers.
We’re impressed with the fair bill, a number that is hard to achieve with drinks. However, a little advice for the owners: actually converting this in to a cool eyelash bar would finally get us to blink twice. No name change required.
Getting there: 31 Defense Colony, call 011 33106253, Rs. 2,100 for two, with a round of beers at happy hour.
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Photo Source: Zomato

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