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Catch is a bit of beach wedged deep into the Qutab, a shuttered, secluded restaurant grained with sand to sink your feet into, set under a glass ceiling that brings in the moonlight. Dear reader, you should visit just for the setting.
Fortunately, we discover as we settle into a squishy sofa in the restaurant’s courtyard, Catch’s coastal vibe isn’t its only draw. The kitchen proves to be deft and inventive, offering among other treats, a blue caviar, anchovy and prawn pizza that is billed at a whopping Rs 9,999. Mindful of our wallets, we pick a less expensive but still decadent camembert, fig and caramelised onion tart, which is saved from being cloyingly sweet by an accompanying parmesan cracker.
This marriage of unexpected elements surfaces again in a Thai chicken salad, a clever juxtaposition of Caesar salad and green curry – it is generously dressed, and every piece of chicken carries a coconut kiss. Accompanying toast adds heft, making this a neat meal for ladies who lunch.
We wash these down with Catch to Match - Baileys and vodka - a perfectly mixed coffee cocktail; and the less successful (and wincingly named) Bubbly Catch Tinny, an ungodly concoction of champagne, cointreau and bubble gum that we can’t help but abandon half-way. We console ourselves with lemony, peppery basa instead, cooked in a sauce that’s almost pure butter – it is creamy and tender and lovely enough to make up for the fact that Catch doesn’t serve dessert yet. Plus, if you try hard enough though, Daisy Ways – a cocktail of dark rum, coffee and pineapple juice – can almost fill in for tiramisu, and this landlocked restaurant, for one night, can feel like a shack on a beach far away.
Getting there: Edenpark Hotel, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, Qutab Institutional Area, call 41200000.
This story was contributed by Urvashi Bahuguna, a writer based in New Delhi.

Photo credit: Zomato

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