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If you needed any more confirmation that the neighbourhood's cool cats have abandoned HKV for the once low-key Hauz Khas market, direct your gaze to the Indian Overseas Bank branch in A-block, next to which you may now espy a Blue Tokai peacock jauntily perched atop a green scaffold. Don't abandon breakfast: they're still painting the walls this week.

Matt and Namrata's second café opens in partnership with Miam Patisserie and Big Fat Sandwich, who'll supply their lovely dessert and savories respectively to go with your Attikan-Nachammai blend. They promise nitro and cold brew "on tap," a menu that's more or less the same as the Saidulajab café, and your two favourite sweeties: a dog-friendly policy and free wifi. Our pal at Blue Tokai also tells us that they'll be delivering coffee to an 8 kilometre radius around the café, so hey -- maybe you don't need to abandon band practice at the Hauz Khas tombs after all. 

The café opens for business soon. Ready with your thermos?

Getting there: Blue Tokai Café, 15 A Hauz Khas Market, opposite old Dr Dang's, will be open seven days a week, tentatively from 9 am to 10 pm. 


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