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Fit is in, even in south Delhi, where restaurateurs are quickly learning to cater to Lululemon wearers, who in turn are increasingly enthusiastic about ordering in Instagrammable salad meals rather than get “the help” to make them. This writer, on the other hand, hasn’t seen a yoga mat in years, and prides herself on eating a burger a day. It is with some trepidation, therefore, that we dial the number of The Salad Story, a new health food takeaway based in R-block, Greater Kailash. 

Ghaas-poosas it’s often called, is not our idea of a decent dinner, but the menu has interesting offerings, and we are pleasantly surprised by parts of the meal. We consider going full-scale health-freak and beginning with bulgur wheat and kale salad, very much the green du jour in many parts of Delhi. Still, a woman must stand up for her principles and acknowledge that it’s very rare to find kale in this city that isn’t like chewing on chipped wood. We skip straight ahead to beetroot and goat cheese salad instead. 

Dressing Down 

The Salad Story delivers its meals in huge bowls that could easily feed two people apiece.The generous dollops of creamy goat cheese put a smile on our face, but the orange juice and balsamic vinegar dressing is the protagonist of this story. Flavourful and light, it compliments the baby greens and beetroot perfectly, and tastes like summer without the sweat. Mixed in with crunchy lettuce and big chunks of beetroot are chopped walnuts and cherry tomatoes, which give the salad vibrancy in both colour and taste. This is a story worth repeating.

This writer hasn’t seen a yoga mat in years, and prides herself on eating a burger a day.

The staff swears by rosemary chicken with couscous, which seems like a safe bet. Much to our surprise, this dish is less impressive than the beetroot salad. It has its good points — the chicken is grilled to tender perfection, and the couscous is light as feather. If there was rosemary in here, though, it goes unnoticed. There’s something dull about the overall dish; in spite of being served with strong feta cheese, it has all the taste and colour of hospital food. 

On the bright side, all The Salad Story’s ingredients are topnotch. Greens are fresh; the cheeses had a nice aroma and taste, and their goat cheese, in particular, might be the best we’ve eaten. 

Both dishes keep us going for an entire day -- one per meal - and leave us satiated without feeling overfull or sluggish. While The Salad Story’s bowls are more expensive than what you usually spend on a salad at your neighbourhood Italian, it pays off both in size and quality of ingredients. We might order in for lunch again, especially on burger night: our eye is on the grilled chicken with blueberry vinaigrette, blessedly free of rosemary promises. This story isn’t ending yet.

Getting there: R-5 Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi. Meal for one costs Rs 755 including GST. Delivery across South Delhi. 

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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