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  • 22.09.2012
    Much like the plant it’s named after, China Doll, a new resto-bar at South Extension II, is glossy and lives off plenty of sunlight and liquids. Who’s fern is it to water the plants today?

  • 19.09.2012
    As we walked up the (pink) stairs, past (pink) mirrors and into our (pink) chair at The Pink Room, a new multi-cuisine restaurant in Hauz Khas Village, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe began to play through the speakers.

  • 17.09.2012
    Gunpowder will be partnering with People Tree in Goa and plans to open doors early November.

  • 17.09.2012
    This is a mobile café (in Delhi on September 22,23 and 24, and again on October 6) that runs on gift economy, which means you pay what you wish for the food and drink. Or to tell it as they see it – think of it as paying for the next person’s cup of coffee, since yours has already been paid for by the person before you.

  • 12.09.2012
    As Parisian lounge Buddha-Bar crosses into India, it loses part of its title and calls itself B-Bar, in fear of “hurting any feelings” and raising controversies, says a news report.

  • 28.08.2012
    Rastafarians think alcohol destroys the mind. HKV’s newest bar is called Raasta.

  • 28.08.2012
    The Leaky Cauldron (yes, named after the pub from the Harry Potter series; no, nothing like it) is one of those HKV restaurants in the back lane, it has a lovely balcony with a view of the lake, along with a sad copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on one table.

  • 22.08.2012
    Barely a month old, this sprawling-meets-cozy space seems to have ironed out most new-restaurant hiccups, featuring a working credit card machine, informed wait-staff and a fully-functional menu.

  • 14.08.2012
    On our last recce of the Village we happened by a whole van of cloche-covered frozen treats and a thin Italian man offering freshly made “real Italian gelato” samples.

  • 14.08.2012
    Like many of its neighbors, it is distressingly ad-hoc and fly-by-the-seat-of your-pan, with no credit card machine, a clueless wait staff, a long climb and of course, a theme.

  • 13.08.2012
    There he was, walking hand-in-hand with us, when we stumbled upon an old bungalow in Hauz-i-Rani, which turned out to be a new Pakistani restaurant, Lahori Shah.

  • 12.08.2012
    Launched a couple of weeks ago, Rose Café (not to be confused with the Rose B&B in Hauz Khas Village), is run by Sarita Ahuja, a self-described “full time mum” who buzzed around our table urging us to eat some more, pointing out dishes that her kids love the most.