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Weekend Crossword: The Chinese Whisperer04.03.2016

All clues are culled from bpb's stories this week. A great way to make sure you haven't missed out on any of the good stuff.

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1. Chung On Ling worked at this restaurant for four years before opening Chung Wah (4,4)

6. Phuong Tran, Ellipsis' new Head Chef grew up in this city (3,7)

9. According to Syed Anwar working with flowers occasionally turns you into a ____ (11)

10. Local measure for a garland that extends from the index finger of one hand to the other (5)

11. Fish that features in Cafe Vasari - The Kitchen's fish curry (8)

12. In Other Words, Jhumpa Lahiri's autobiographical short story is written in this language (7)

13. Phuong Tran was an executive chef at this LA restaurant (5,5)

14. English singer-songwriter who will be performing at The Humming Tree on Saturday (4,4)


2. Nanak, a new Punjabi restaurant at Brigade road has an affinity for this ingredient (6)

3. This recently added dish on Chung Wah's menu must be ordered 24 hours in advance (5,4)

4. Asking for this is a no-no at Lakhori, a new restaurant at Haveli Dharampura (5,3)

5. This dish on Vasari - The Kitchen's menu consists of colocasia leaves rolled with a paste of spice, tamarind and jaggery (8)

7. Woody Allen's anthology of comical short essays (4,7)

8. Director of Spotlight (3,8)

9. The chicken chunks in Nanak's chef's special are coated in this paste (6) 

10. Condiment used in Lakhori's kanji (7)


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