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If you saw a pretty girl size you up at a wedding recently, don’t flatter yourself. She was just taking notes about your Nehru jacket: too stuffy, too sweaty, cheap plastic buttons, pedestrian print, seriously, polyester?! But if you really got lucky, your Nehru jacket would come off and Sakshi Mehra would tell you, honey, that lining is all wrong. 

After a ton of wedding note-taking and probably, blue balling, celebrity stylist Sakshi Mehra has launched Project Bandi, “a modern take on the age-old Nehru jacket”. 

Let us set up this blind date. You’ll be the one carrying a red rose, she’ll be the one holding a Nehru jacket to go with it.

Luckily, “modern” here doesn’t mean fusion cuts, just a more casual, playful approach to the Nehru jacket. You can for instance, get light denim or suede jackets for non-shaadi occasions, others printed with ferns and flowers, an intricate version that looks like a porcelain China vase as fragile as your heart, a good boy grey button down and another pink Nehru jacket that could be the cover of a Tewari Bros. mithai box with a pocket for a rose. Gulab jamun? 

Even “if it’s a solid coloured vest,” Sakshi assures us, “it will be pepped up with buttons I buy compulsively every time I travel.” Other details you should notice are hundred percent silks, pretty mal linings, rare prints and Sakhi’s gleaming new wedding ring. See what we did there?

Until recently, Sakshi was quite the sought-after stylist in Bollywood, working solo with celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, and assisting on Shahrukh Khan’s costumes in Chennai Express. “After my wedding a few months ago, I moved to Sydney, which meant I had to quit styling. So Project Bandi is my way to stay connected to India”. 

At Project Bandi, they’re super confident about the product, and Sakshi tells us that a while her bandis start at five thousand, the same ones at a designer store would cost Rs 15K and up.

Sakshi travels between Sydney, Mumbai and Bangalore, but plans to deliver all over India, and currently operates with standard small, medium and large sizes.

Considering we’re one string of fairy lights away from the festive season, this belle should be back in India real soon, trolling weddings and Diwali parties for bad bandis. Boy, look out for her. Don’t know what she looks like? Let us set up this blind date. You’ll be the one carrying a red rose, she’ll be the one holding a Nehru jacket to go with it.

Getting there: To order email and follow them on Instagram on @ProjectBandi, start at Rs 5,000.

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