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Netflix isn’t the only platform currently showcasing The Thrilling Adventures of Sabrina. Today, we are too.

In our story, Kiernan Shipka is shipped of to make room for Sabrina Suhail, a make-up sorcerer from Bangalore who recently launched a line of vegan free lipsticks that promise more than gloss.

“In the eleven years that I’ve worked in the beauty industry, I’ve seen women use make-up products that do not suit them, mostly because they don’t have a choice,” Sabrina says. For the last three years, in between making sure that Bollywood belles and Southern sirens look as they should, the make-up artist studied chemistry and organic formulations, to use combinations of handmade shea and cocoa butters, minerals and salts to create hot new vegan lipsticks.

These can be customised on her website, based on the colour (71 options), texture (5 options) and aroma (7 options) that you pick, but what she really loves is to make them live in front of you, which if you live in Bangalore, can be done via appointment. “That’s when you see that I am the factory. That’s when you see all the good, natural stuff that goes into it.”

If you live anywhere else, just visit her website, and surf smears of shades like Nudist Colony, Pumpkin Spice, Tutu, Across The Universe and most recently a Deepika-inspired Lake Como, all of which, if you so choose, can smell like Mandarin berries, coconut, peppermint, vanilla, strawberry and a suspicious but superb island-y blend of pineapple and lilies. Depending on what you pick from the texture category, your lips, after application, can feel glossy (but not gluey), tender or pumped full of antioxidants.

While our eyes settle on a reddish hue called Creep, Sabrina tells us that any vegan who wears red lipstick, isn’t a vegan. We do fancy ourselves some meat, but when she describes little beetles giving up their little beetle lives to make the red dye for our lips (which is usually the case in non vegan lipsticks), we decide to pout our money where our mouths are. Sabrina derives her reds from salts and minerals. Must be nice to not be a mother pucker.

“People don’t realise how much animal fat goes into cosmetics; Sabrina lipsticks are cruelty and chemical free, and certified by PETA. We almost have our organic certification as well.”

In addition to lipsticks, Sabrina also makes a very supple-looking agave lip balm; a wild rose fairy face dust; and cruelty free eye lashes from mellow fibers that mimic the texture of real mink fur. We can’t wait to try all three right before we stand under a mistletoe this season.

Sabrina, hue make me happy.

Getting there: Visit, Rs 1,700 for a lipstick, Rs 779 for a bottle of fairy dust, Rs 369 for a set of eye lashes.

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