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Mandeep meets McQueen in a new zine where Sikh ladies are dressed in sick fashion.
A collaboration between hand and heart, these are sketched to life by artist Jasjyot Singh Hans, who you may not recognise by name, but you will from his much-liked Instagram nudes: sluggishly sexy, Boticelli-esque Indian women - sometimes drawn on doilies - with smears of pink for mouths and knees and elbows.
This zine – Sikh Ladies Sick Fashion – is at once a love letter to the Sikh women Jasjyot has met, to the risograph printer whom he loves and to designer Alexander McQueen’s iconic Armadillo shoes. Not necessarily in that order.  

Alexander McQueen’s Plato Atlantis was a spectacle that will forever take me to a place where I feel like a sparkly-eyed gay boy trying to catch a pixelated live stream of it.

Harleen On Me
“Apart from some Sikh street style blogs, there really isn’t much dialogue between the community’s women and modern fashion. This is my way of introducing more Sikhs into contemporary world culture, so people get used to seeing us around,” Jasjyot tells us.
On the zine’s pages, scarlet and black inks bleed into each other, as a float of women – Gurleen, Ajooni, Kirat, Naanki, Sifat - stand dressed in their best designer wares, pieces that Jasjyot has come to admire over the years. Look out for Acne Studios’ Adriana sneakers; clothes by Vetements, a brand that intrigues Jasjyot even though he “doesn’t quite get all of it”; and a cap from Walter Van Beirendonck’s Spring Summer 2014 menswear collection. “But for me, the most exciting product in the zine are the iconic Armadillo shoes from Alexander McQueen’s Plato Atlantis. The show was a spectacle that will forever take me to a place where I feel like a sparkly-eyed gay boy trying to catch a pixelated live stream of the show. Oh, and it also doubled up as the world premiere of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.” And so Jasjyot slips the Armadillos on to Naanki’s steady feet, a delayed “RIP” walk for McQueen.
Long Hair, Don’t Care
In a sort of Sick/Sikh version of a Net-a-porter Edit, this book will show you a modern-day kurta-dupatta styled with Margiela boots; Sifat’s red Gucci pumps worn with thick socks (probably to keep out Chandigarh’s winter); and a ripped Christopher Kane sweatshirt (with thermals below?) paired with a JW Anderson bag and a thick, long plait that falls along a spine (“#GhaneBaal, #KyaKamal”).
Once you get passed the styling, you’ll begin to notice the ladies themselves, who appear to be interesting and important, calm and resolute, proprietors of doe eyes, thick manes and swag. “The women I draw are subconsciously women I’ve known all my life, each one strong and beautiful with a lot on their minds.” As for their bodies, many are shaped like fruits that fashion magazines would forbid– pears, apples, oranges - but no matter what form his women take, they are indeed all sick.
So what is Jasjyot working on next? His plans are furtive, but he promises “something big that will be all over my social media soon.” Much like the ladies he loves to draw, all deserving of his favourite hashtag - #BadaBehtarHai.
Getting there: Visit, follow him on Instagram here, buy the Sikh Ladies Sick Fashion zine here, USD 10. 


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