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Dear reader, this Monday morning bulletin is brought to you with the reminder that there is no shame in fantasizing about pulling your very own Singing In The Rain, sighing over Mr. Darcy clasping Miss Bennett’s hand oh-so-close during their awkward hand dance, or just getting down and dirty in the club. We remind ourselves of this at 2 am on a Tuesday (it’s always a Tuesday) as we’re buying tickets to a Hip Hop Dance Battle featuring Adam Severin (i.e., Moose from Step Up) at Koramangala club, Fandom. We regret nothing.

Until we find ourselves at the club, that is. Standing around in our party best, we marinate in the collective awkwardness of the event having not started 3 hours in. Our feet hurt already. We’re on our third drink, but this place is still too dim to feel like a chill hang and too well lit to avoid eye contact with fellow awkwards. This is why we like house parties, we think, as we turn to our companion for a whine.

Before we can work ourselves up to a proper fuss (or finish our drink) an MC - finally! - bounces onto stage, American accent firmly in place as he tries to hype up the crowd. The dance floor slowly starts to buzz, aided by few members of the dance company Hip Hop India. Just like the movies, the mood lifts immediately - it’s hard to stay grumpy while shaking your booty - and we find ourselves in a crush of bodies moving to the thumping baseline.

A circle is formed with dancers, both amateur and professional, jumping in to strut their stuff. It should feel corny, but we find ourselves oohing and aahing at every pop, lock and drop. We have been hanging around the fringes of this dance circle, trying to imbibe enough liquid courage to join the lithe, sinuous bodies under the lights. We remember suddenly that this is exact feeling we waited in line for during freezing Pennsylvania winters, why we strategized wearing our most comfortable kicks to the club, why we learned the perfect method of moving through a crowd to reach the best spot on a dance floor.

But the crowd is restless for the star of the show. Mop-haired Severin is nowhere to be found and the dancers of Hip Hop India are valiantly holding the fort. Finally, our enthusiastic MC announces that Severin is in the house. The crowd howls as a slight figure appears on stage. Battling a dreadlocked member of Hip Hop India on stage, Severin doesn’t seem to be really feeling the room. A few moves in, he slips away, leaving us all puzzled. Will he be back? Are the dancers perspiring because of all the rigorous carousing or is this flop-sweat? It’s nearing closing time and we decide to stop giving the city our best Beyonce and track down a manager. Pitching our voice over the music we inquire after our special guest. Is he likely to show up later, we inquire? He shakes his head in a resigned fashion.

The excesses of our night sink into us at this news. Just then, our phone pings with an invite to a house party. Our dance floor skills come in handy again as we wind through an increasingly irate crowd. As we step into our Uber, we ponder on whether it’s our advanced years or city cynicism that has us ending our night at another house party. No matter, we decide as we zip down mercifully empty streets - next time, we’ll follow our true blue Ooru instincts, skip the paid party pregame, and head straight (to someone else’s) home.

Getting There: Fandom at Gilly’s Redefined, # 413, 1st Floor 100 Feet Road, 4th Block, Koramangala

Sushmita Sundaram writes about food, culture, and discovering your city. Follow her on Twitter at @sushmitas.

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