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When #Unframed says you will be glued to the screen from the word gothey’re not kidding. Episode one features ‘The Sticky One’, Bangalore artist Nithin Sadhu who creates elaborate art works using Scotch Tape. Stick around for the rest, as this web series goes live today, each episode tracking the life, loves, inspiration and road blocks of five local Bangalore artists “without labels”, who work with interesting media. 

#Unframed comes to us via CurleyStreet Mediaknown for their award-winning short films that highlight social causes: Indelible, a film about Down’s Syndrome; Khushboo,which follows a Delhi-based NGO working with special needs children; and Devi, on the life of sex trafficking victim

What To Expect

In #Unframed (a sort of local Bangalore slice of Netflix’s Abstract – The Art of Design), five episodes introduce you to five self taught artists – a mural painter, an illustrator, an architect, a puppet maker and an airbrush artist, all of who prefer to colour outside the lines. “Unframed is not about the kind of art that is found in museums and galleries, but the kind that calls out to us from the most unexpected placesIt is a salute to those who take risks with art,” says Ananya Roy, writer/ producer at CurleyStreet.

 “#Unframed is not about the kind of art that is found in museums and galleries, but the kind that calls out to us from the most unexpected places."

First, you will meet The Sticky Oneafter which architect Ullas Hydoor asks you to read his writing on Bangalore’s walls. Motorcycle Monet is the story of Shashank Surya who airbrushes colours on to bikes, illustrator Kaveri rehearses her lines for usand finally, we’re introduced to German doll maker Ursala Chowdhury. Bangalore’s lushest Cabbage Patch, this.   

The narrative will vary based on personal quirks and philosophies of the protagonist. Produced entirely in-house from direction to post production, this self-funded project is an extension of CurleyStreet’s commitment to telling stories of real people. “There are too many compelling tales around us that have no way of being told,” says Sean Somanna, cinematographer/ producerIn fact, in July, CurleyStreet launches its own Youtube channel ‘Awokin, with content that addresses the elephant in the room”. 

Meanwhile, #Unframed goes live today at 5.30 pm. The trailer, which let’s you in on the crisp sounds of artists at work, laced with a little bit of rebellion and rockpiques our interest enough to make sure we tune in tonight. But not before we finish our House of Cards marathon. Wonder if any of their artists work well with (Under)wood

Getting there: #Unframed debuts today, June 1 at 5.30 pm on the CurleyStreet Youtube page. Watch it here.

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