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Picture this: you’re running through the rolling green Nandi Hills with all your best friends, running fast - understandably so - towards a food truck that’s selling barbequed meat. Meanwhile, your friend has just gone up 300ft in the air on a hot air balloon & is waving out to her favourite band playing on a stage near by, and all the beer in the world stands patiently by, while you finish your ribs.

Welcome to The Beantown Backyard Fest, which is slated for October 27-28, but early bird tickets are out now!

Here, you can zip-line from the entrance of the festival over mango groves and fields of green, to the stage area, where all the action is. Now, that’s how you make an epic entry.

Trust us, you’re going to want to put a pin in your calendars. Why?

For starters, there are those food trucks, over 20 of them, selling biryani, tacos, cheesy fries, rolls, burgers, barbequed meat – all things that go well with beer, which let’s face it, is everything.

The gig line up is great too, featuring artists from India and around the world (reggae, folk, blues, hip hop, gypsy, jazz acts), including Asian Dub Foundation, Parvaaz, Soulmate and 30 others.

And lastly, over 20 varieties of beer congregate here so you can wash down all this fun with more fun. Expect your beer mugs to contain lagers, ales, IPA and wheat beers.

So there it is. The folks behind The Beantown Backyard Fest have it figured out. All you have to do is book your early bird ticket here – special, limited offer – and dance across these lush 200 acres, a mere 30 minutes from Kempe Gowda International Airport. So perfect for out-of-towners too.

Mumbai and Delhi, are you listening?

Getting there: The Beantown Backyard Festival, Near Nandhi Hills, Melekote Cross, Tubugere Hobli, Doddaballapura Taluk, Bengaluru, call 9986660243 or 9880544300, buy early bird tickets here:

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