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***This ad is sponsored by The Fatty Bao***

As the skies rumble and the MET department’s monsoon predictions look more likely, you’ll need a warm pick me up to fill your days. The Fatty Bao has just the antidote for gloomy skies: a warm, loaded bowl of ramen with a squishy soft egg to fill the cockles of your heart.

The Fatty Bao plates up a selection of handmade noodles to go with rich, fragrant bowls of broth that have been seeped in flavours for eight hours, imbibing all the goodness of the meat and spices. The classic and perhaps everyone’s favourite is the chasu ramen, a delicious combination of pork stock with braised belly and bacon, topped off with a soft boiled egg. This is dish is bound to melt away the blues. The beef ramen with grilled broccoli and mushrooms lined with a tenderloin comes in an aromatic beef broth and miso paste. If you want to be smacked out of your rainy despair, try the spicy red ramen with dashi, chili broth and mince chicken that is balanced with demure leeks. We know we’ll be rolling up our sleeves for the grilled seafood ramen. Swimming in the prawn and fish stock are calamari, prawns, kamaboko or fish cake, pickled garlic and sweet potato fries. This bowl is sure to ring in the picture of a sunny seaside getaway.

The vegetarians needn’t fret, because an array of exotic vegetables have just jumped into a stewing broth for you. Delve into assortment of mushrooms with grilled scallion, crispy onion and smoked sweetcorn. For a more silken flavour try the Via Malaysia with coconut broth infused with lemongrass, galangal and basil. This aromatic blend could easily displace the joyful scent that invokes the romance of the rains. 

Monsoons are certainly sorted with these addictive broths, crunchy toppings and intense warm flavours. Be sure to carry an umbrella, because it’s raining ramen at The Fatty Bao.

Getting there: 610, 3rd floor, 12th main, Indiranagar, call 08044114499 for reservations. A meal for two with drinks costs approximately Rs 2400.                  

***This ad is sponsored by The Fatty Bao***

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