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Bombay and Delhi will testify that the food at BurmaBurma holds (khao) suey over city gourmands.

Bangalore, we’re happy to report that the Burmese restaurant has now opened in your city!

Started up by buddies Ankit Gupta and Chirag Chhajer, Burma Burma, Indiranagar reflects discoveries from the team’s extensive travel across the land of pagodas. “Our goal is to bring Burmese cuisine to the forefront by adding a touch of finesse to the dishes that we love from across Burma. We take a contemporary approach by exploring the wide array of ingredients and homegrown recipes to bring you dishes that are unique in texture and flavor, yet every bit symbolic of the Burmeseheritage.”

Décor: That Thangka You Do

Unlike the other locations, the Indiranagar BurmaBurma does not stick to any one particular element of Burmese culture. It is, in fact, a depiction of changing Burma, one that’s fast-evolving yet stands rooted in core traditions. So join us on a visually fluid journey through Burma - weathered stone walls of the pagodas contrast antique embellishments. Lacquered furniture and warm colors of the Thangka paintings complete the look.

Food: Suey Me More

The vegetarian kitchen works with local, fresh ingredients to create Burmese dishes with Indian, Chinese and Thai influences. Think salads (thoke) and soups, along with mains, which are centered around rice, noodles, and curries. We love the tea leaf and raw mango salads; Mohingar, the national dish of Burma; and piping hot bowls of khao suey. The tea room here also keeps within it 30 hand-picked chai flavours from around the world, including a bubblegum flavour. Mind and bubble blown!

And at the end, don’t leave without the sweet, dreamy Shway Aye or Burmese Falooda made with condensed milk, assorted coconut jelly, colorful noodles topped with tapioca and Durian ice cream.

And a dinner date with you is the cherry on top!

Getting there: 607, 12th Main Rd, 7th Cross, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranaga, call 80 4965 2763.

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