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A cool breeze and the chance to catch up with an old friend causes us to put on our Wednesday best and trundle down to Indiranagar. We are keeping an eye out for teenybopper heaven per our plan, which is why we almost miss an unassuming new sign at one of our classic haunts.

Fellow olds, true to its name, Been There Done That is Highnote with a pretty facelift. Home to youthful hijinks, it feels like a step back in time with a fresh coat of paint slapped on. Perhaps this is why old rules still apply: we find ourselves abandoning ideas for a placid drink and a chance to relive salad days in favour of BTDT’s Summer Special menu, dispensing cocktails for Rs. 99 each.

Experience advises that good things don’t come cheap, so we prepare to throw back a glass of battery acid before retreating to grown-up cocktails at grown-up prices (Rs. 400) after one throwback. A pearlescent pink Thai Martini manifests at the table, sure enough: but a suspicious sip results in the most sublime of surprises. This cocktail has been fashioned by experienced hands, not someone giving it the old college try. Bright citrus notes sparkle, and a hint of ginger causes us to gulp it down like kids with Kool Aid. Our companion’s Bloody Mary, too, has done her in - perfectly balanced with a much-needed Tobasco kick. We immediately call for repeats.

But this is not a tale of ladies regretting liquid lunches (or suppers), for we sensibly order appetisers to soak up the tipple. Grilled chicken in hot basil hits the spot: tender, juicy, and herbaceous with bite, it disappears as quickly as the drink. In an expansive mood, we appeal for steamed wontons and “crispy Hunan cauliflower” (you can’t part a girl from her dressed-up gobi manchurian) to accompany our next round of drinks. The wontons are exactly as it says on the tin - steamed and filling. We burn the insides of our mouths biting in. Will we ever learn? Unlikely, if the Hunan cauliflower is anything to go by, forgettable and crunchless. Pass on the sad pakora.

Spirits flagging, we order a final round and a grilled lemon fish to go with it. Flaky and buttery with that oh-so-familiar zing of lemon, this is a good end to an unexpectedly classic night. Gossip and cheap cocktails have made us giggly, reminding us of how bad we used to be, and how much worse we are now. #ThrowbackThursday? Don’t mind if we do.

Getting There: Only bring winos over the age of 25 to 766, 3rd floor, 100 Foot Road, Indiranagar. A very irresponsible meal for two costs around Rs 2,350.

Accessibility: Two steps up to the elevator that will transport you up directly into the waiting arms of this rooftop retreat.

Sushmita Sundaram writes about funny people, odd things, and anything edible. Follow her on Twitter at @sushmitas.

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