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A gleaming pink couch and Mariya Takeuchi’s J-pop disco beats electrify HSR Layout thanks to Kawaiii, a new mochi ice cream shop that could do with a karaoke machine to keep waiting patrons company.

Our mochi selections arrive before we convince our companions to break out into a song. Festooned with matcha pocky sticks (we are so glad for this #ThrowbackThursday), these beauties have travelled all the way from Bangkok, our server informs us. Wait for them to soften just for a few minutes more, he instructs. We wiggle impatiently, but are rewarded for our maturity: the mochi itself contains that Q factor so necessary for this potential new taste group. Far from rubbery or slimy, the mochi’s rice shell instead is nearly springy to the bite and the coolest introduction to the ice-cream it protects.

You can’t go wrong with the matcha flavour or the blueberry mochi that reminds us of our favourite berry fro-yo, tart and creamy. The surprise star of the show however, turns out to be the Thai Milk Tea mochi – the flavour emerges from its cocoon, full and sure of itself, flooding our mouths with a familiar, refreshing sweetness. Mocha chip reveals itself to be an underdog, reminding us of rich Vietnamese coffee best swallowed quickly to experience a sugar rush.

At Rs. 125 per mochi, these golfball-sized desserts may seem like an exercise in social media posturing. The ambience at Kawaii certainly agrees. But empty promises in pretty wrappings, they are not. Stock your freezer with these for your next house party or take a break from HSR Layout’s rabid traffic with a new dessert that’s on the ball.

Getting there: 1685/1, 24th Cross, 27th Main, Sector 2, HSR Layout

Accessibility: A flight of stairs lead to a lift that will take you up to the first floor.

Sushmita Sundaram writes about food, culture, and discovering your city. Follow her on Twitter at @sushmitas.

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