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For the hip young #KorzKid, The Reservoire is old news. They have already spent the last few cool nights in Bangalore (sob) on its rooftop and bagged a coveted window-side table to watch the rest of us struggle with the never-ending construction happening on the road below.

For ancients, this writer included, The Reservoire is primarily the cause of another roadblock caused by sharply dressed boys and girls on an already congested road. “These youngsters and their zero sleep requirements,” we mutter every Saturday night, dodging yet another patron more focused on their Snapstreak than impending vehicular peril.

But don’t write off this new Koramangala hotspot; as we discovered on a hangover-free Sunday, The Reservoire might lowkey be your new brunch destination. We’re lucky to bag spots right next to its towering glass facade that lets afternoon sunlight flood right in, cheerily illuminating the eco-industrial chic aesthetic the place is going for.

After gentle encouragement from our server to hurry up and order already, we decide to kick our meal off with what Reservoire calls its signature cocktails. First on deck is Take Me Home, a cocktail that marries roasted pepper and caramel-infused vodka with apple juice. Our more daring millennial companion decides to go for the Caribbean Smoker, a white rum concoction enhanced with Cointreau and muddled fresh green apples. The latter arrives with its own equipment and a technician to man it - he efficiently infuses it with smoked apple wood as we gawp, leaving us with a gently fuming beaker that we immediately proceed to take boomerangs of.

A few sips in, we’re glad we decided to Uber our way over instead of availing The Reservoire’s valet services - these drinks might not be the easiest on the palate, but they pack a punch this writer’s decrepit body was not ready for. We begin to understand why the youngins flock to this place, and proceed to appetizers in significantly merrier spirits.

In a nod to the inevitable outcome of this expedition, we dig into Thundering Thighs, which turn out to be chicken thighs flavoured by the chef’s secret marinade. The crackling pepperiness of these boneless beauties enhances the freshness of the simple garlic and coriander marinade, elevating these from run-of-the-mill bar nibbles to something we want to get another plate of right away.

We resist and proceed to the main course. Kori kembu buzzile (curry leaf infused chicken fry) is summoned to satisfy the gym rat at the table, while the rest of us pudgy normies settle for a wood-fired chicken and bacon ranch pizza to fuel our more easily preserved figures.

Much to our disgust, the gym rat emerges the winner (they always do) - the kori kembu buzzile is positively addictive. We can’t stop sneaking chunks of crunchy chicken that floods our mouths with fresh curry leaf flavour, despite hands being repeatedly smacked away. Pleas that we need to test these delicious bites for professional reasons fall on deaf ears. It’s only the beginning of our travails. The lacklustre pizza plunges us into further despair, painfully undercooked and woefully unimaginative, leading us to suspect that The Reservoire is less Italian countryside and more summer holiday family picnic to Tungabadhra dam - best enjoyed with Indian ‘sneck’ items and boozy cooling drinks only. We know our speed, alright. It’s a cheeky drink and a nibble in the sun after all the youngsters have gone home.

Getting there: The entrance of JNC Road, Koramangala, 5th Block, right before Art of Delight (go there for dessert). A meal for two will set you back about Rs. 1800.

Accessibility: A full flight of stairs lead you up to the first floor, on which elevators are available to take you to the second and third level.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

Sushmita Sundaram writes about funny people, odd things, and anything edible. Follow her on Twitter at @sushmitas.

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