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Recently, Bangalore has been all about net profit. From our last coastal meal atMaravanthe in Indiranagar, we row over to Taste Of Kerala at Residency Road, fastening our smocks, ready once again to order thaalis full of backwater bounty.

Packed to capacity on the day we visit, Taste of Kerala offers darshini déjà vu with minimal elbow room on shared tables, equipped with spiced yogurt and pickle containers. With just two waiters to service eight tables, may we recommend a self-service counter too?

The menu here requires no browsing; it’s a quick list of a la carte items and a simple lunch and dinner service with thaali variations. Our tawa sear fry arrives first in beautiful shades of autumn; but inside it is tragically under seasoned. Erachi or beef fry doesn’t fare well either, making us cut into tough, undercooked meat.

Our tawa sear fry arrives first in beautiful shades of autumn; but inside it is tragically under seasoned.

Things don’t get much better with a thaali, fully loaded with mackerel fry, curry and a bounty of vegetables including spotted cabbage, Indian squash, coconut infused beans-carrot mash, as well as papad and parippu payasam made of lentil. We pour the curry over fluffy white rice for a promising start to the meal, but our fried fish lacks freshness and any discernable tang. Kappa, steamed and tempered tapioca mash is flavourful, but large parts of it remain uncooked, which does major disservice to the red fish curry experience.

Ladies and gents, we suggest you guard against this coast; you’re better off heading to Karavalli up the road or home-style kitchen Bekal in Jevan Bhima Nagar. If nothing else, it'll give Taste of Kerala some time to find its sea legs.

Getting there: 1st floor, Centre Point, no 53, opposite Nagarjuna, Residency Road, call 9844021493. A meal for 3 costs approximately Rs 1,500. 

Accessibility: One flight of stairs leads to the 2nd floor seating. Valet parking not available. 

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals. 


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