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We admit it: we’re looking forward to this weekend visit to Granny’s. For one, we’ve heard in advance she’s hired affable youngsters to pour stiff drinks, and we are rather counting  on the drinking will lead to some dancing. 

She may not have the wit of the Dowager Countess of Grantham, but this downtown abbey is a Nana who doesn’t hold back, either.  Like the Mama to whom she’s related - the team behind Mamagoto is responsible for this dame - she’s bright and sparkly, staffed by bearded, bow-tied boys. A sit-down dining area suspends all pretence of demure propriety, thudding faintly from the music crashing down from the upper level, where a dance floor and an overcrowded terrace await the young of heart and nimble of feet. (Leave your heels at home.)

On opening weekend, we squeeze through a writhing crowd, none of whom seem to care that their elders might be watching. It’s great fun to survey the scene as we sip on a Brixton Smash, a large vodka mixed with basil and elderflower. It’s as refreshing as a gossipy high tea, but just as mild, since the vodka disappears completely in the ice-loaded glass. An Old-Fashioned, made with a hefty dose of Jim Beam, has us grinning from ear to ear. Forgive us for mixing up our TV shows, reader, but not even Jon Hamm in a suit can achieve this effect so easily.

She may not have the wit of the Dowager Countess of Grantham, but this downtown abbey is a Nana who doesn’t hold back, either.

It Was All Yallah!

The terrace serves only small plates, which suits us just fine on this particular nighttime picnic. Pulled chicken works in sharp contrast with the fluffy tacos in which it comes wrapped, a fragrant, messy treat to go with the drinks. Salty feta and fig kulcha tastes much better than it sounds: it’s well-balanced and hearty, and altogether a pleasant surprise. Generous servings of hummus, tzatziki, olives and salad ensure that we are ready for a culturally appropriate belly-flop, if not a belly dance.  

It grows increasingly difficult to balance our plates and dance: like the dowager, we too must ‘ration our excitement’. In true granny style, retiring downstairs to the dining area, we order mains from a menu featuring mostly Mediterranean plates. Imam Bayildi, a Turkish dish of cous cous topped with stuffed eggplant, sounds more exotic than it turns out to be: don’t expect to be transported to Nisantasi. Grilled chicken is struck by the curse of the protein, a tad dry and flavourless. Fortunately, a side of tapioca fries makes up nicely with its unique texture and glorious starchiness. 

Dancing and dessert don’t quite go together but we’ll train for another night out with this oldie and come back for a gluten-free pot du cake and another round of that Old-Fashioned - textured and acerbic and just like Granny Grantham.  

Getting there: 618, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore, call 080 49652942. A meal for two with cocktails cost approximately Rs. 3,400.

Accessibility: Short flight of stairs leads to the elevator which takes you to the 3rd and 4th floor.

bpb review anonymously and pays for its own meals.

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