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You will have to tie a rope to our ankles and pull really hard, in order to persuade us to come out and play on Koramangala’s congested block no 5. Or maybe just dangle this bait: Bangalore veteran, former DJ and pub owner Ashish Kothare (from Le Rock Pub and Moscow Mule) is serving beers as chilled as him

He’s here and it’s no longer queer that we’re out of bed and at Route 42, Ashish’s new pub where slate grey floors and blonde barstools remind you of every other bar, but cocktails and small plates take you back to Le Rock. 

See for instance, Bloody Mary and chatpata prawns, brackish beaus who aren’t afraid to spice things up. Put these on your order list. Salt and pepper mushrooms can’t match up, but they’re a shade better than ordering a dish of Manchurian veggies. Finish this quickly, but take your time over the tangy, vinegar-rich pork sorpotel that can only be balanced by fluffed up Goan pavs

Taco salad, green and well-dressed, feels like the right kind of third wheel in this situation, unlike the cilantro rice with grilled chicken and congealed garlic sauce

And at the end comes the most dangerous thing of all – deep-fried, caramelised Nutella-banana wantons dusted with sugarInsanely good, these threaten to break the vow we made about not sniffing around Koramangala’s Chan(n)el No 5. 

Getting there42, 4th B Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala, call 8105505404, a meal for two with drinks costs approximately Rs2,100.

Accessibility: A short flight of stairs leads to ground floor seating. Valet parking not available.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

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