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Farzi Café at UB City has had a good run this past year – they’re packed from daytime to disco, accommodating both dum aaloo cravings and dance steps. But if the theatrical Indian-fusion restaurant has kept you away on account of something you can't quite put your finger on, their newest addition will have you reconsidering a visit: they launched Massive Restaurants' brews on the same premises last week, taking one more step towards befriending Bangalore locals in the best way possible: with beer.

Barley There

Our friendship begins with four craft beers that mostly win us over. The most interesting is Masala Saisoon, where a hit of clove and pepper is closely followed by the tartness of infused citrus. It’s light, easy and inspires a sinfully greasy after-party meal of bheja and (half) ghee rice at Imperial.

Our server recommends Hefeweizen, the most common of Bangalore’s imported craft beers. At Massive, this straw-coloured wheat beer is sweetened by banana and grain, and served with a thick foamy head that isn’t entirely unpleasant. Deceptively strong and packing a surprising, sneaky punch, Hefeweizen is the perfect starter beer to set the mood for our very irresponsible weekend. Cheers!

The Masala Saisoon is light, easy and inspires a sinfully greasy after-party meal of bheja and (half) ghee rice at Imperial.

Stories From The Foamland

Indian Pale Ale hews closely to classic hoppy flavours, a typical, honey-hued craft. It is best drunk really, really cold before the bitterness sets in, but if you like bitter, Chocolate Stout is the one for you. Suitably dark, here’s a brew that can replace your sundowner filter coffee at Airlines down the road.

Amstel Waiting For You

With The Biere Club just around the corner acing the craft game with seasonal brews like mango and the newest ragi addition, it will be interesting to see how this clash of ales on Lavelle Road turns out. But we have a feeling we’re going to win either way.

Getting there: 202, Level 2, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, call 7259400900 for reservations, Rs 280 for a 500 ml.

Accessibility: UB City provides wheel chair assistance. Two steps down to enter café.

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