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The first thing Frootality is very very good at is grabbing eyeballs on 12th main. Its glass and bubblegum-pink façade cuts through the noise like a squeeze of lime on fruit: we couldn’t help but remember Shoshanna in Girls, who described Tokyo as the “inside of Katy Perry’s”-well, the insides of Katy Perry. These interiors have cheery teal accents and eye-popping neons, mellowed by low-hanging Edison lamps. It’s a lot of colour for a small QSR space that just about accommodates two tables. Uninspired signage gets the lion’s share of real estate: If its artificial, we don’t like it.

Time Oat

Place your order at the counter and expect to be served in cardboard takeaway boxes, the only option for crockery – which seems a bit unrewarding, if you’ve managed to score seating. Beverages are (expectedly) served in hipster milkshake bottles. To its credit, the menu itself avoids some of the worst kinds of trendiness.

Nowhere do we find mention of spirulina and flaxseeds. Oats make an entrance in the ‘Energy Bowl’ section, but we readily forgive this transgression when we taste a kiwi energy bowl: mango puree, oats and yogurt blended to make what can only be described as frozen yogurt from a time before refrigeration was discovered. Topped with crescents of kiwi and studded with pomegranate, its attention to detail is the second absolutely stand-out thing about this place.

On the oats continuum, the menu is full of things our parents spent years trying to get us to eat. Some of them work well. A ‘Fresh Float,’ of apple and orange juice is drinkable without being boring; ‘Blush on the Bench,’ with strawberries, mint and watermelon, is tart and fresh.

Alas, the sandwiches could do with a good pore cleanse themselves. Double decker, made with brown bread and (brace yourself) laden with ghee, their fillings are great in theory but fail in execution. The boiled egg sandwich is dry – a far cry from a good boiled egg sandwich, which is creamy and (we’re going to say it) moist. Even this boiled-egg peculiarity is far more edible than the chicken sandwich, which features shredded chicken, coriander and minced capsicum in a spicy, gooey concoction that we can only describe as curry-like.

Banana lassi is pleasing enough to make us forget about the sandwiches. Creamy from the banana, without being rich, and with just a hint of tanginess from the yogurt. Our only gripe is that like the kiwi energy bowl, it isn't served cold enough to provide respite from Bangalore's fast-approaching summer. We’ll come back with sunglasses on to protect our eyes from the heat - and from the fever dream décor.

Getting there: Ground Floor, 2981, 12th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore; call: 080 4370 5686. A meal for two costs approximately Rs. 500.

Accessibility: A very short flight of steps leads to the restaurant.

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