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You are greeted at the entrance of Echoes with a 100-watt smile and a signboard that announces: ‘Sign Language Spoken Here, Mind It’.

Little clues around the restaurant indicate that the servers are hearing-impaired, and at the end of your meal, you will find that the service here is nothing short of supreme. A booklet on the table indicates the things you might need, like a glass or cutlery that you can point to. The bell above your table is connected to colourful jars that act as switchboards to get the servers’ attention, and the menu has codes, which allow you to write down your order.

In Other Room(ali)s Other Wonders

The all-day menu at Echoes is vexingly lengthy, 15 pages of Indian, Chinese and Continental food that could do with an editor, much like the wall sprayed with inspirational quotes. The restaurant also serves breakfast platters and interesting variations of darshini meals, best eaten in the outdoor garden area while goggling at the cool sign language installation.

A booklet on the table indicates the things you might need, like a glass or cutlery that you can point to.

Somehow, we wade through the pages and pick our orders: falafel with spiced pita and swirls of tangy hummus make us feel optimistic; as do perfectly cooked chicken tikkas with a gentle hit of spice. But these are perched on an overly crisp and dry roomali that is entirely unnecessary to the dish.

Morning Person

If you like your breakfast during dinner, bring your best bed head and order Kanwar’s Fresh Start: chicken sausages, salami, a butter omelette, roasted veggies and toast. Tossed in pepper and herbs, the hearty cold cuts have us beaming. We don’t know who Kanwar is, but we’re glad he breakfasts like a king. Next, an herbed chicken pizza, whose crusts are bony and brittle, is as satisfying as a good crunchy snack.   

For dessert, milkshake names from the early 2000s surface, and for old time’s sake, we order something called a Choco Death, a thick, thick chocolate shake that should be taken seriously.

It feels good, both to consume this much cocoa, and watch the staff looking more and more confident with every order they fulfill.

We’ll take this new feel-good dish, with bacon on the side please.

Getting there: 44, 5th Block, Koramangala, call 49652531, a meal for two costs approximately Rs 1,150.

Accessibility: One step up on the pavement to enter the café. No valet parking available.

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