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It’s a relief to walk into a slick, simple bar at Indiranagar, where cocktails, couches and crockery are not products of mad experiments. And for this reason, Boozers, despite its unfortunate name, is a gentle reminder that all hope is not lost for the neighbourhood. Plus, it presents a balcony facing 100 Feet Road, a lovely location for people watching.

From our perch we spot a mixed crowd of families, date night couples and cocktail tower drinkers. Tonight, we belong in the last two categories. Kiss and shake up?

Catherine Zita Jonesing 

By the bar, we pragmatically decline our server’s suggestion to order an LIT pitcher, and what a good call it is. The cocktail (served in a tall glass) is as it should be - loaded with all kinds of lethal spirits; while Zita Bar is like a Cosmopolitan with the addition of pomegranate juice and a basil garnish. Punchy but too pink for our eyes.

For food, we pick off the menu’s specials: prawns with a simple seasoning of salt, pepper and garlic, reminiscent of the kind you'll find at Goa’s beach shacks. Fiery Wings are less spicy, more caramalised; and nachos are topped with desi salsa, but please the drinking crowd nonetheless, with crunch and spice.

It’s a relief to walk into a slick, simple bar at Indiranagar, where cocktails, couches and crockery are not products of mad experiments. 

Dream Lava

With a new round of drinks, (the LIT pitcher looking more probable at every turn), we regret not ordering another cluster of appetizers. Our bloodshot eyes light up at the mention of kori roti and Mangalorean chicken curry, but the kitchen isn’t prepped to make it tonight. We settle instead for Thai green curry rice and the chef’s special spicy bell pepper pizza. The curry, too sweet, sorely misses flavours of galangal and kefir lime. The pizza fares better, an attractive and aromatic pie.

At the end, lava cake has the right amount of ooze for your Boomerang video and enough richness that it won’t just serve as a photo prop. And now, new cocktails in hand, we’re back out in the balcony watching a hundred people’s lives unfurl on 100 Feet Road.

Getting there: 1200, 100 feet road, HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar, call 49653354. A meal for two with two cocktails costs approximately Rs 2,500.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals. 

Accessibility: Two flights of stairs up to the main bar and another short flight to be seated in the balcony. Valet parking available.

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