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When a portion of the menu spouts poetry alongside nachos and bacon wrapped sausages, you feel a sense of promise in the air, or is that just the bacon? We’ve seen the light at After Dark, Kalyan Nagar’s new bar split across two floors. We head straight to the terrace to take in the half moon, escaping the scantily populated dance floor. You soon realise the menu doesn’t offer Bangalore’s favourite pub staples - peanut masala and french fries - which will make you sulk a bit.

Tiger Lilli cocktails are swirling with white rum that compliments the coconut, striking a tropical fire in the winter chill.

Our shoes on Santorini-ish tiles, our hands warmed by an open grill, we settle down to a couple of beers and a round of Tiger Lilli cocktails, where white rum compliments the coconut, striking a tropical fire in the winter chill. To go with it we order the pepper pork fry, After Dark chicken wings and trio cottage cheese. The large portions here are for big gangs, but the lack of oomph makes protein a dull affair. The four different sauces on the wings and the trio of flavours on the paneer are rather generic. The only winner on the table is the pork fry, oinking its arrival with a robust punch of pepper.

Underwhelmed by the starters, we order a risotto al fungi and chicken biriyani, recommended by our server. The risotto arrives first making the night darker than it already is: the texture veers towards undercooked, made worse by the mild pesto sauce. But finally, the light at the end of the tunnel arrives in a massive portion of chicken biriyani. Hallelujah! The rice is spiced and arranged in complex layers, and the meat, well cooked.

It’s strange that the only dessert on a bar menu is gulaab jaum and ice cream, which reminds us of the many unopened wedding invitations on our dining table at home. Thanks, but no thanks.

Despite the lack of shine after dark, the lounge is crowded and the pub has a bit of a Cheers feel, with patrons from the neighbourhood making the most of the great prices and the pool table. And that’s your cue.

Getting there: 7, HRBR 2nd Block Extension, Kalyan Nagar, call 49652900, approximately Rs 2,000 for a meal for two with one drink each.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

Accessibility: Short flight of stairs leads to the elevator.

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