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Bangalore, do we really need another ice-cream shop? This writer, for one, is quite content with the airy lightness of Apsara, the richness of flavour at Art of Delight, the creamy decadence of Milano’s gelatos. But some cross-border firing has ensued nonetheless. Result: Chennai’s Amadora Ice Cream sets up a pint-sized parlour at UB City.

On a humid afternoon playing hooky from work, we visit to find the menu isn’t extensive - send us that ghee cake drenched in sticky toffee, machan! - but what’s there suffices. After extensive taste-testing of these eggless treats (Chennai be Chennai-ing) we decide to see if ‘chocolate chunk cake a la five bean vanilla mode’ is dessert or some kind of video game.

Our smiling server is mesmerizingly efficient: a tender bar of chocolate chip cake slides onto the paper plate (this party is standing-room only, baby) to be joined by a speckled scoop of vanilla. There’s a sultry drizzle of hot fudge. Cookies the size of our heads emerge from a canny corner to encase a gleaming dairy-free dark chocolate sorbet.

The chocolate chunk bar is straight out of a childhood of raw cookie dough stealing - gooey and fudgy, it melts in the mouth with the intense vanilla creaminess it accompanies. The cookie sandwich is deliciously crumbly, with the dairy-free, egg-free, and guilt-free (let us have this) dark chocolate just sinister enough to offset the sweetness.

This hurried exit from work just transformed into a picnic. The noisy patrons of the nearby restaurants, screaming children running through UB City’s fountains, and cooing couples all fade away into the background as a cool quietness descends upon us. We can only hear birds chirruping gently in the far away trees dotting the concrete sprawl that lays before us...wait, that’s not chirping. More of a whistling. A high ringing in the ears, actually. Four bites in, we’re well on our way to diabetic shock.

Chennai, you’ve kept this secret well. This ice-cream is rich not just in flavour but in the intensity of its sweetness. Only halfway through, we rue the situation. We must finish this or we are childhood selves will emerge from a rip in the space-time continuum like truth emerging from her well to shame mankind. But it is not to be. We can’t succumb to an eternal saccharine slumber - we have more dull work meetings to avoid. Tearfully, we give up on this chunk of change(-resistant sweet). What a sugary surgical strike, we think as we slip into a sugar coma at our desk, later. Chennai, you sly temptress, we nearly succumbed to your candied charms.

Getting There: Food court, second level, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road. Two sundaes for Rs 780.

Accessibility: A few steps and escalator lead up to the second level. There is no seating.

Sushmita Sundaram writes about funny people, odd things, and anything edible. Follow her on Twitter at @sushmitas.

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