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 Koramangala, hold your nose. 4th block just got a whole lot stinker now that 10 Cuts Of Cheese has moved in.
This new store wants to sell you cheese plus gourmet food that complements it, which for founder Christopher Albuquerque includes the only two food groups that matter - chocolate and crisps.
The store itself is less picnic and more pallid, like someone hurriedly converted an office into a gourmet shop for inspectors who prefer cubes to cubicles. The walls, although yellow, appear standoffish, and the refrigerator, despite its frosty vibes, will be your best friend.
Packed into it you will find cheese from all over the world, but also ready recommended pairings like baked French brie with maple syrup and nuts; Italian parmigiano reggiano drizzled with honey; Italian gorgonzola blue cheese with fresh apples and dried apricots; English cheddar and 72% dark chocolate; Spanish manchego and fig jam; Dutch gouda with mixed berries…the list goes on.
In addition to these, Christopher does a great job in promoting local cheese-makers. “We have mozzarella, bocconcini and burrata from Vallombrosa, a collective of priests who make cheeseKodaikanal-based Caroselle’s edam and excellent camembert that is comparable to its French counterparts; and my favourite feta from Kodai Cheese,” says Christopher, an ex IT consultant, who pegs his cheese obsession on the 21 years he spent living all over the world. “One of the most interesting cheeses we have is Kalari, made by a Dutch guy in Jammu. Shaped like a flattened puri, you fry both sides, add salt, pepper, chilli powder and maybe even a little green chutney.” Girls and boys, it’s a great time to be mousey.  
Dear Dairy
Happy to play the supporting roles are treats that make cheese look better – crackers, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, mustard, nuts, pasta, jam, dry fruit and honey.
But Christopher will not let you brie even after you’ve bought all the cheese your sourdough heart desires. He also runs workshops at 10 Cuts of Cheese, so you can learn about local produce, its making and pairing, with teaching aids that can be eaten.
If you don’t want to join the rat race, stay back and pick a title from their skinny Food Story bookstore where you will find usual suspects like Kitchen Confidential; Roald Dahl’s Cookbook; Blood, Bones & Butter; and of course, Who Moved My Cheese?.
These guys may be cheese elitists, but we’re book snobs, and us on this side know that the last title pairs well with nothing. #ShelfHelp
Getting there: No. 972 H, 2nd floor, 1st A Main, S.T. Bed Layout, 4th Block, Koramangala, call 08197188590, store hours are 10 am to 6 pm. Starts at Rs 200 200 gms of cheese. 


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